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Control upgrades

Let us update your old controller with a new state-of-the-Art MACO controller.

 A.M.R. will install a new control system on your existing plastic molding machine replacing the out-dated controls that you now have to maximize your productivity and profitability. As a packaged control system the MACO is very cost competitive. Regardless of machine make we can supply a new control system specifically tailored to your exact needs.

 Our control upgrade package includes the exchange of complete control system, installation of new operator terminal, implementation of the standard machine programs and screens.

  Some of the benefits of a control upgrade

  • Reduced risk of machine downtime
  • Improved machine performance
  • Improved processing capabilities
  • Less cost for spare parts
  • State of the art processing features
  • High performance Ethernet communications*
  • Built-in diagnostic for RLD logic and machine operation
  • Process monitoring for multiple shot monitoring*
  • Shot to shot data storage
  • Faster start ups
  • Consistent part density
  • Reduced cycle times
  • USB memory stick for retrieval and loading of recipes and data files*
  • Auto and adaptive tuning of critical process parameters
  • Real-time process control
  • Simpler set-up procedures
  • Reduced electrical usage

  * MACO  Compact only 

 Our continued goal at A.M.R. is to maximize the efficiency and return on investment of your plastic molding machines with an updated control system.

 MACO Controller Information ( PDF Files )

  Maco Info
 Compact Screens
 Compact Rack