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Machine Remanufacturing

 A.M.R.'s remanufacturing process is a cost effective way of restoring machines performance and reliability to that of a new machine.

 When you're convinced you need a new machine, give us a call. We'll look over that old machine you'd like to replace and determine if it can be remanufactured. Very often we'll see "good iron" that can be recovered to give an old machine a whole new life.

 A.M.R. will thoroughly examine your machine to determine the level of wear of mechanical components, condition of hydraulics, then supply a written quote for remanufacturing the machine. The start of the remanufacturing process is a complete disassembly of the machine at your plant or ours. Then every part is cleaned, inspected, repaired or replaced to match that of the original factory specs. After reassembly with new or repaired parts, the machine is completely rewired and a new controller is installed. A.M.R. also replaces hydraulics with new smoother operating servo and proportional valves to match the advanced process controller. The final process is machine start-up and a full capacity testing at your facility to ensure optimum performance.

Benefits of remanufacturing:

  • Restoring like new or better performance
  • Higher production rates
  • Higher quality parts
  • Greater versatility
  • Enchanted processing
  • Lower scrap rate due more consistent quality
  • Updated to meet current ANSI, OSHA regulations
  • Lower cost that purchasing new machines